Unlock the expression of your full potential and optimise your decisions
with Strategic Numerology

Strategic Numerology to get to know yourself better and move forward with greater confidence and relevance

More than just another mode of personal development, Strategic Numerology is a genuine strategic tool for facilitating personal development, for understanding your true nature, for what gives you meaning, for knowing how to be at the centre of your life, for knowing what blocks you, for detecting the right moments, for optimising your decisions; but also for understanding your child, your life partner or your business partner, and supporting them better.

What is a numerological reading?

In Strategic Numerology, a reading helps you to get to know yourself better: what are your talents, your fundamental needs, and your innate aptitudes? What are the obstacles preventing you from fulfilling your potential and living your life to the full?

In just one session, you’ll discover the 7 keys to understanding yourself, your life dynamics, and explanations for your difficulties and ways to overcome these. A reading in Strategic Numerology will give or restore your confidence in your potential, and make you aware of what is vital for you. It will enable you to confirm what you feel deep down inside, and thus help you to realise what gives you meaning.

What interests me is making each individual autonomous and a player in their own life.

Taking charge of your life

Strategic Numerology is designed to empower individuals in two areas of their lives. Personality: getting to know yourself better so you can reconnect with your fundamental needs, but also identify the qualities you need to develop, and the obstacles and challenges you need to overcome. Temporality: making better decisions so that you can move in the right direction, with greater ease and fluidity; and gain in efficiency, taking into account the “energy” of the moment.

When it comes to life success, Strategic Numerology is designed for fulfillment. Countless people have utilized this system and awakened their potential for achievement
Strategic Numerology is an ancient and modern science that is used to help people understand who they are, what they need, and how they can grow.

Details and Investments

The consultation takes place by video call via Zoom. I do not send any documents other than your personal tree, as I record the entire consultation, which I then send to you by email. Everything happens during the appointment!

The service includes the time taken to present the chart, the preparation and analysis beforehand (several hours), as well as the expertise acquired through my training at the École De Numérologie Stratégique® in France and my practice.

Adult Chart
( > 24 yrs)

2 hrs

  • Do you need to be reassured about your gifts/talents, and understand the right direction to take in your life; both in the major periods of your life, and in the year to come?
  • Do you feel like you’re missing out on your life?
  • Do you feel that your work lacks meaning?
  • Are you tired or lack motivation?
  • Would you like to find out more about your potential, your life purpose, your self-realisation needs; and an explanation of your blockages, and how to overcome these?
  • Do you want to change your life, your job, take on a new challenge, but you don’t dare?
  • Do you have a project in mind and want to check whether it is in line with your life direction, and whether the period is favourable?
  • You are at a turning point in your life, and you want to check whether the period is opportune?

A numerological reading
will allow you to:


Get to know yourself better so you can refocus


Become aware of your limiting beliefs to help you free yourself from these


Get advice on the strategic direction to give to your life, and for the current year, in order to be more efficient

R2000 / $130

To offer a gift voucher, please contact me

Child / Young Adult Chart
( < 24 yrs)

1 hr 30 mins

  • Would you like to find out more about your child’s talents, gifts, and resources; and understand them better, so you can communicate more effectively?
  • Do you want to help your child make the right course choice?
  • Is your child failing or suffering?
  • Do you feel at a loss when faced with them, and are you looking for the keys to understanding them?


  • If the child is a minor, the chart will be presented to the parent.
  • If the child is over 16 years of age and motivated to receive their reading, he or she may take part, provided that he/she is accompanied by a parent, and has already done some personal introspection work with a therapist. The reading requires a minimum of self-knowledge to facilitate awareness.
  • If the child is over the age of majority and under 24 years of age, the chart will be presented directly to the child, with or without the parent, depending on the child’s choice. Parents may receive their child’s chart alone, with the child’s agreement.

A child numerological reading will allow you to:


Better understand their personality


Respect their fundamental needs


Have keys adapted to their personality, in order to see them as they are, free from all projections


Find out what is holding them back, so that you can help them overcome it


Find out about their gifts and talents to help them find their bearings

R1800 / $100

To offer a gift voucher, please contact me

The numbers that characterise us have a vibration
that influences us.

“I remember very well the first time Paola talked to me about numerology. I took it as a game, a bit like a test you’d do in a magazine. I’ve always been interested in and open to personal development tools (astrology, human-design…) but I have to admit that I was very sceptical about the foundations of numerology. When Paola did my reading, I was in a phase of my life where I had a lot of doubts about the direction my life could take. Several parts of me were in deep inner conflict. My chart was a real revelation, an electroshock even, and I can say today that it was an essential element in my personal development. By analysing my chart, Paola brought these inner parts to light and the conflict I was experiencing between my fundamental needs became obvious. I was finally able to accept what I knew inside with greater serenity, learn to nurture my needs and finally dare to let my uniqueness express itself. Paola is a great professional who puts a lot of herself into the people she works with. Her great sensitivity and empathy enable her to create a real relationship of trust. I recommend that everyone open their hearts to numerology and to Paola with complete confidence.”

— Rachel

“I had doubts about the relevance of this approach for me. I was afraid of a vague, abstract approach, and wondered if it could really give me concrete answers about my life. What’s more, I was afraid it would have a “fortune-teller” aspect, making predictions or statements about me that would do nothing for me in the present. On the contrary, strategic numerology doesn’t pigeonhole or essentialise people, but aims to provide keys to understanding oneself in a caring and inclusive way that adapts to each person’s personality and needs. My experience has been incredibly enriching and enlightening. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth and precision of the insights that Paola was able to provide. What better gift than to give yourself time for yourself? More than just reading numbers, strategic numerology is a powerful tool for getting to know yourself better and better understanding the dynamics of your life. It provides valuable clarity and support. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend working with Paola. She has an in-depth knowledge of strategic numerology, is a good listener, caring and patient, and knows how to create a space of trust where we can feel at ease sharing our concerns and questions. Her ability to translate numbers into practical, concrete advice is remarkable.”

— Lisa

“I was happy and curious at the idea of having my numerological reading. I couldn’t wait to find out more about the meaning of my chart. That said, I wondered about the level of personalisation of this approach to personal development and the tools transmitted. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience, which was very enriching and a source of understanding for the different challenges in my life. I was blown away by this highly individualised tool, which is very accurate and full of meaning for profound aspects of my life, both in terms of personality and temporality. I’ve become a fan of this tool, which I think is revolutionary for everyone! If someone’s in doubt, I’d tell them to go for it, to get to know and understand themselves better, with all their strengths and vulnerabilities, and to put their life in context in terms of the different phases of their life. It’s also a way of accepting each person’s individuality, understanding ourselves better and therefore loving each other. Paola has made this strategic tool of self-knowledge her own. You can tell she’s passionate about what she conveys in a highly individualised and explorative way. And she takes the time to get to the bottom of things.”

— Laurence

“Post-confinement, I was at a loss as to my professional future; I was also going through a very difficult end to a relationship, full of questions, so I was at a turning point in my life. I honestly didn’t know how far my chart would lead me, but I had a strong curiosity and confidence in this tool (thanks to other strong testimonials I’d received). This experience was really key in my journey and continues to be so. I was able to understand the path my vibratory state has taken to date. I understood what my vital needs were to allow life energy to flow through me, and why I had felt out of place for so long. More than anything, my chart gave me the opportunity to be more tolerant with others, because it gave me a wake-up call that each person is unique and that a wonderful path on paper can make a person unhappy if they’re not aligned with themselves. If anyone has any doubts about doing a reading, I’d tell them that this tool can provide extremely precise keys to achieving lifelong fulfillment in every aspect. It can unravel past misunderstandings and help us make the right decisions for the present. In my opinion, there’s nothing more powerful than knowing what your chart is and how you function, so that you can create a life of your own. Paola is a person and friend I’ve known for over 15 years. She has always had this enormous curiosity to understand human beings. Her passion has led her to great explorations and then to strategic numerology. She is a person who works through the space of the heart with great honesty and rigor. She also has uncommon sensitivity and great empathy. I’m convinced that life brought this tool into Paola’s life by no chance. She answers this call to help others nurture a life that’s made for them by proposing numerological readings. I wholeheartedly recommend working with a numerologist and woman as dedicated and passionate as Paola is. Through her, the force of life is at the heart of this beautiful project and mission.”

— Andréa

“I needed to focus on my true purpose and talents after a period of distraction and disappointment in various life circumstances. I’ve believed in numerology and followed my own mini numerology practice for a long time. The way the Strategic Numerology reading is structured was far more powerful than any previous reading. The insights have been profound and I feel empowered by knowing and trusting myself a bit more, as well as knowing I have all I need to realize all my dreams. Don’t waste another minute, do it! It will empower and enlighten you! Paola is a powerful facilitator in the way she incorporates her deep understanding of her work into the personal translation of your reading. She incorporates humour, strong guidance and gentle teaching throughout. It’s a truly Divinely led experience.

— Belinda

I needed to take a step back via numerology, to better understand my past and present trajectories/behaviours and better apprehend those to come. My experience was excellent, I couldn’t have hoped for a better interaction. I understood a lot of things and put things into perspective where before I would have put guilt or judgement. Paola was very accurate in her feedback and completely in tune with this numerological approach. Very gentle but also very objective, Paola’s guidance is profoundly human. She simply brings to light the contours and data of your life, and helps you to better understand how they interact. The result is that you can take the reins of your own path of knowledge, in complete freedom and responsibility.

— Gabrielle

I still sometimes have problems with the feeling that things can be written in advance: I fight against this in my life, in the education of my children, because I think that everyone can constantly make a lot of choices. This reading helped me to move forward: things are not written, there are only ‘predispositions’, influences, conditions, and everyone can understand them, use them, exploit them to get to know themselves better, to be more aligned, more serene. What I enjoyed most was the journey: the understanding of what we were dealing with, the ‘pre-written’ data that tended to give me a better sense of myself, the simplicity of the exchange in form, the depth of it in substance. For me, the experience isn’t over yet, and I’m still looking forward to the second part of it: the part where I’m alone with the audio, with myself, with my choices, with my life. It’s a great tool, and the output is very interesting. It shouldn’t rule your life but help you to know yourself better, to act better, to react better. The presentation is very well constructed, the plan clear and the speech fluid. Paola is the right person: GO.

— Simon

I was in a tunnel I couldn’t get out of. I wanted to find clarity. Paola was able to read my mind. She enlightened me and clarified certain aspects of my personality. Looking back on the session, I feel more alive and more valuable! It was a rich experience, confirming certain aspects of my personality and shedding light on others. I came out feeling strong and armed. I feel alive and legitimate! It’s quite powerful. I have the right. Don’t hesitate, Paola is kindness incarnate, she’s gentle and listens to others. It’s so good. The 2 hours went by incredibly quickly!

— Karine

“I loved discovering Strategic Numerology with Paola. She shares her knowledge and expertise with such passion, which makes this session unique. For me, it was a rich and amazing experience. Her presentation was incredibly relevant to what I feel and experience on a daily basis, both personally and professionally. Thank you so much for this moment! Don’t hesitate to treat yourself to this wonderful tool for self-knowledge.”

— Aurélie

“I was curious to find out more information about the numbers in my chart and what they each represented. I found the experience fascinating. Paola put in a lot of thought and research into the session. There were a lot of parallels to my life journey thus far and to what Paola explained in my session with her. She articulates very well. It is definitely worth exploring especially if you want to understand more about yourself and are questioning your current path or the meaning behind various events and experiences in your life. There is only something to gain from the experience and what is wonderful is that you can refer back to your audio recording or notes from the session to remind yourself of what you learnt and what was discussed. Paola is a lovely, gentle person with a wealth of knowledge. Besides being so interesting and wonderful to chat to about her own journey, she is very interested in the paths of others and through sharing her numerology interpretation of your chart, you will have more insight and understanding of your own life and inner journey.”

— Jessica

“As I questioned my professional and love life, I was curious to discover this new tool. It’s a wonderful discovery, a super-powerful tool for getting to know yourself better! It gives you a new perspective on yourself and the keys to being more in tune with yourself and therefore happier. It’s nothing but a bonus and a boost to your self-confidence! Paola is a great listener and has a gift for drawing out gifts, talents and life purpose! She’s happy to answer any questions you may have!”

— Amélie

Adult Annual Follow-up

1 hr 30 mins

You have already received an adult reading, and:

    • Would you like to start the new year with a clear idea of the key directions, so you can adapt better and gain in efficiency?
    • Do you need to know the strategic priorities for the coming year?
    • Do you have a project and need advice on whether the time is right?
    • Are you at a crossroads in your life?
    • Do you need to refocus on your life mission?
    • Are you experiencing an important event in your life?

Allow 12 months between consultations.

An annual follow-up
will allow you to:


Discover the direction you need to take during your current major period and in the year to come, in order to be more efficient


Check whether you are aligned with your life purpose and your need for self-realisation


Accompany you on important dates concerning your projects

R1800 / $100

To offer a gift voucher, please contact me

Couple/Business Partners Chart

3 hrs

  • Are you a young couple/business partners looking to get off to a good start by getting to know each other in-depth?
  • Do you want to find out about each other’s personalities, so that you can respect each other’s differences, be aware of the points to watch out for in the way you operate, and work on complementing each other?
  • Are you going through a difficult period and want to give your couple/business association new opportunities by understanding each other’s fundamental needs, and showing greater respect for each other?

A couple/business partners numerological reading
will allow you to:


Take account of the diversity of each person's personality and talents


Become aware of everyone's fundamental needs


Give you keys to unlock blocking situations and adapt your behaviour


Optimise each individual's fulfilment

R2500 / $160

To offer a gift voucher, please contact me

For any other request :
(workshop, talk, etc.)

About me

I’ve spent my whole career in luxury marketing for some of the most prestigious groups, however, I’ve always been passionate about understanding the human-being and the immense diversity of personalities fundamentally. As such, I’ve taken a close interest in various tools since my university days: Process Communication®, the Enneagram, astrology; and finally, numerology which I discovered thanks to my husband. Being Cartesian and pragmatic by nature, Strategic Numerology, created by Lydie Castells, a renowned French numerologist, was a revelation. So, I qualified with École de Numérologie Stratégique® in France. I’ve lived on four continents and in six different countries; however, my most important journey has been to the depths of my heart. And the further I’ve progressed in my life as a corporate executive, the more it became clear that this wasn’t the life for me. I was missing a fundamental dimension: supporting others. And I’ve found that practicing numerology feeds this need to make people feel better, to help them grow and evolve, by enabling them in turn to find an activity that gives them meaning, and thus work for the common good.

Harness the power of numbers and learn how to decode your name and birthday, what they mean about who you are. Useful for self-discovery, career planning, and romantic compatibility.

In order to respect yourself, you have to know who you are.


Numerology has existed since the dawn of time, and Pythagoras was the first to take an interest in it. It is based on stable, individual elements that make each person unique in society: the date of birth, and all first names and birth surname. Each person is linked to numbers, and these numbers with their symbolic dimension, have an effect on personality that goes far beyond what we think.

A numerological study involves making various calculations using gematria and theosophical reduction, and then interpreting the results using the symbolism of the numbers. There’s no need to ask questions beforehand to access the elements that define you. Numbers alone are a well of information.

The Personal Tree is the greatest innovation in Strategic Numerology, making this tool easy to access by simplifying the often enigmatic language of classical numerology. It allows you to discover the 7 keys to your functioning, including your fundamental triangle – which forms the basis of your personality – so that you can learn to refocus and align with your true nature in order to follow the best path for you in life.


What elements of your identity should you take to study your numerological chart?

I've been married for a long time and use my husband's name. Which name should I give?

Always take your maiden name and all the first names on your identity card. Then, once you have a good understanding of your chart, with your family memories and your birth tools, you can go on to study how your social name has changed you professionally, if you’ve been using your married name for as long as you’ve been using your maiden name.

I was adopted and have changed my name. Which name should I give?

You should always take the elements that are noted on your identity card at the time you do the reading. When a person is adopted, the first name no longer appears and it is the adopted name that is noted on the identity card. As the old name is no longer noted, it will no longer interact. The new name will accompany you for the rest of your life, so that’s the one you should take.


I have two dates of birth (a real one and an official one that is wrong). Which date should I give?

The important date is the official date, because that’s what will officially follow you throughout your life.

I have dual nationality, with different first and last names on each of my identity cards. What should I give?

Ask yourself which nationality you feel closer to and choose the identity card that corresponds to the answer. If the answer is 50/50, which of the two countries do you live in? Where do you plan to live for the rest of your life? Choose the identity card that corresponds to the answer.

I have baptismal names. Do I need to take them into account?

Absolutely not, unless they are noted on your identity card with your other first names.

I have a usual name on my identity card that differs from my own name. Which name should I give?

Take all your first and last names as shown on your identity card. Then, once you have a good understanding of your chart, with your family memories and your birth tools, you can go on to study how your preferred name has changed you professionally, if you’ve been using it for as long as your birth names.

I have an artist's name on my identity card. Which name should I give?

Take all your first and last names as shown on your identity card. Then, once you have a good understanding of your chart, with your family memories and your birth tools, you can go on to study what your social name means to you in terms of professional development, if you’ve been using it for as long as your birth names.

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